About us and the site

Us; We are an not yet retired couple who have long harboured an ambition to build a garden from scratch.

In contrast to the north coast of Cornwall UK, the new garden was required to be away from the sea and on neutral to acid soil.

The WEB site is hand crafted from the local granite, sorry got carried away there a bit. The Web site is hand crafted entirely using open source tools. Produced and hosted on Linux platforms, no wallets were harmed in the making of this site. Hosted by: fasthosts.co.uk/

My understanding such as it is of this process and writing with 'accessability' in mind is almost entirely due to: htmldog.comHTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles

I can thoroughly recommend the above site and accompanying book. I'm just beginning to get to grips with CSS and as I do so I'm discovering even more I didn't know I didn't know; pardon me Secretary Rumsfeld......

My IT support site can be found here:


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