Gallery, Galerie

A small selection of photographs taken over the last two years as we acquired the 'terain' had the house built and can now take very tentative steps to developing the site as a home and garden.


A right tangle.


'As lonely as a daffodil' The first spring and the only flower in our field was a solitary escaped daffodil !

Un seul jonquille "Le premier printemps et la seule fleur dans notre domaine est un solitaire échappé jonquille.


Measuring those slopes, when I've worked out how to use this theodolite. Level the tripod, adjust A rotate left, adjust C rotate which way ?.......


When the site was opened for building the make up of the ground could clearly be seen.


Our builder has handed over the keys.

Cornsh Garden

Our existing urban garden in North Cornwall.

mist morning

Early October early morning.