Pépinières or Plant nursaries as opposed to 'Garden centers'. We like to see some propogation on site and a sense of a passion for plants.

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Maps are provided where possible. The 'compass rose' icon shown here at the left will link to a map, where one is included.

Pépinière Lestin

This is an excellent nursery with two sites close to each other just outside Muzillac and next to the auto route. What I think is the original site is now surrounded by a housing estate, but this is where the propagation is carried out, and where you can see trees 'in the ground' to be sold bare root over the winter. They have a very wide range of plants, mainly trees and shrubs, but also grasses including bamboo, with an area dedicated to acid lovers such as camellias and azaleas. Plants are in both tunnels and out in the open, and not only do they stock the best known varieties of plants but also many lesser known, particularly pittosporum and magnolias to name just two. The plants are well grown and offered in a range of sizes and therefore prices, the labeling is good and in both french and Latin, and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I was pleased to find an Acer cappodocicum 'Aureum' amongst a wide range of varieties priced at around 15 euros which is now planted on the land.

The second site is located on the other side of the auto route and is devoted to sales with some plants displayed as mature specimens in the ground, very useful. I succumbed to a Magnolia 'Susan' at 14 euros, but as with all their plants also available in a larger size at 22 euros, and a Pieris 'Forest Flame' at about 16 euros. Given the quality of the plants these prices are very fair. All in all, this is one of the best larger, but as far as I know still family owned and run nurseries we have visited.

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Map for the first site where the propagation is being carried out.

map carte Map for the second site close to the N165, several other 'Jardin' shopping resources are located close to the junction of the N165 and the D20.

Les Jardins de Coet Henven

This pépinière is really tucked away in a sheltered valley, but is a little gem. The proprietor is very knowlegdeable and enthusiastic with the plants grown 'hard' largely outside with some polytunnel protection, and without 'chemicals'. The hand written sign reads, " Production de tous vegeteaux d'exterieur sans produits chimique". We visited for the first time a while back and there was a good range of healthy looking azealeas and as far as I remember other shrubs aswell. Last visit we only had time to note opening times and check the location for future reference.

Opening times are limited to the afternoons. Located near Guern 56310, Map map carte Open 15:00 – 18:00. Closed Sunday except in May

Pépinière du Canal

This pépinière has quite a large outdoor display area with shrubs and trees of varying sizes. The poly tunnel housed more specimens, trees, shrubs and some perenniels, giving them some protection from the elements. Specimens up to around 55 euros for some magnolias and acers, 15 - 20 euros for smaller trees and shrubs. Quite a wide range of rhododendrons and azealeas. We found a good specimen of Quercus rubra at 15 euros about 1.5m high which is now a focal point in the corner of the garden.map carteLe Pont de Guern 22530

Jardin d'Iris

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon to the sight of a field of colour with every shade imaginable, a truly glorious sight. I could see it would be difficult to resist wanting to take the whole lot home. The range of colours was truly spectacular with every shade of blue, yellow, purple etc but also many unusual combinations both striking and subtle. With Martin camera in hand and myself with notebook we started making our way around the beds. All the flowers were lovely but we had to choose. Eventually we had a long list of possibles which we whittled down on our second tour of the beds to those we had decided to order. The proprietors thoughtfully provide paper and pens for visitors to take notes and are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They provide cultural instructions in both French and English with each order.

Jardin d'iris

The Iris field is open to view in the afternoons during May and into early June to see the flowers, taking orders for collection in July, August and September. Exact opening times on their website which has photos, descriptions and cultural instructions. The website is quite new and the proprietors are in the process of photographing the more than 2,000 varieties they have on the nursery, (not all the varieties have photos yet), with more being added each year both bought from other growers and their own creations. map carte